We’ve had a makeover!

We’ve had a makeover!

You’ve made it to the blog, so by now you’ve noticed that our website has had a bit of a makeover! The portable power market moves at such a speed that our previous site was in need of a little boost.

Luckily, our friends at Mamba Marketing have produced the goods with our new, modern site. Working with Marketing Manager Ieuan and Head of Sales Jay, Mamba’s team have produced a slick, vibrant website that can provide our customers with all the essential information for portable and onboard power solutions, and home backup.

Mamba Marketing's Lauren Morris and Power-2GO's Ieuan-Rhys Beal

L2R: Mamba's Lauren Morris and P2G's Ieuan-Rhys Beal

“Our old website provided us with an incredible platform to launch EcoFlow into the UK Market. At the time, it had everything we needed to ensure our customers understood the product and could make a purchase. The market has adapted at a speed where portable power has over-spilt into onboard and home back-up solutions, and we needed a website that can facilitate that.

“Mamba understood our ambitions and we are so happy with the finished product. We want to be seen as more than a selling platform, but as thought leaders with our blog feature and a smoother process from browsing to basket!” Ieuan-Rhys Beal, Marketing Manager

Power-2GO’s vision & values of being seen as the honest broker can be led by a strong, professionally presented website and we now have the facility to further enhance that statement.

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