Unsure about Onboard Power?

Unsure about Onboard Power?

Welsh Government has been slammed in a recent BBC report, labelling the current progress of their Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Strategy as 'embarrassing'.

With a limited number of charging points available across Wales, EV owners face the nail-biting stresses of range anxiety when travelling across the country. Unlike diesel and petrol powered cars, when an EV runs out of power it comes to a stand-still! With this in mind, we took a Hyundai IONIQ for a quick spin to see how many miles one of our EcoFlow DELTA Max 2000 units could put in. 

From 50% charge, our DELTA Max 2000 was able to add 20 miles in just 23 minutes. We know this isn't a charging solution for long-range journeys, but having the ability to add 30/40 miles from a fully charged unit could keep you on the road and get you to a charging point.

We have recently been published in GreenFleet's March edition, where we discuss the DELTA Max 2000's use as an electrical jerry can. You can find the full article here - 


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