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PL-200 Portable LED Work Light - Bare Unit

PL-200 Portable LED Work Light - Bare Unit

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Experience exceptional lighting with the PL-200 Portable LED Work Light,

A versatile lighting solution perfect for various environments. This innovative led work lighting tower features a unique petal design that provides 360-degree lighting from four lighting elements equipped with diffusers, ensuring reduced glare and an even distribution of light over a wide area.


Why Choose The PL-200 As Your Next Lighting Solution


Advanced Lighting Design: The PL-200 Work Light Tower offers 360-degree lighting coverage from four lighting elements with diffusers, providing reduced glare and enhanced comfort for events, sports training, camping, and other leisure activities. Its innovative design prioritises lighting comfort, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Portable and Easy to Deploy: Weighing just 6.5KG and with a mast height of 2.5M, the PL-200 is compact and easily portable. Its quick deployment feature allows for swift setup in just two steps, ensuring faster deployment and efficient use in any setting.

Versatile Power Options: The PL-200 accepts mains power when used with the external driver X1-75-56BH and can also be powered by our D24-series batteries, offering flexible power solutions for different environments and situations.

Rugged Construction: Built to withstand the rigours of daily use, the PL-200 boasts a sturdy construction for unmatched durability and reliability. Its robust design ensures long-lasting performance, making it suitable for demanding work environments and outdoor events.

Enhanced Productivity: With features such as stepless dimming, dual rainproof USB outputs, and a phone stand feature, the PL-200 enhances productivity and convenience on the job. Stay powered up and connected while working, thanks to its innovative design and user-friendly features.


A New Standard for Portable Illumination


The PL-200 Portable LED Work Light offers unmatched versatility, durability, and convenience, making it the perfect lighting solution for various applications. Elevate your workspace with the PL-200 and experience lighting excellence redefined.



Dimensions: Closed H-1310mm/Open H-2500mm x W-569mm x D-584mm

Height: 1.3-2.5m
Net Weight: 6.3Kg*
Battery: D24-100 × 1 
AC Power: X1-75-56BH Driver x 1 - 12000lm
Turbo Mode: 4h 15mins - 6000lm
Standard Mode: 8h 36mins - 3500lm
Balanced Mode: 16h 49mins - 2200lm
ECO Mode: 44h - 600lm


This product is a bare unit only and requires the following extra components.

1 X D24-100 Lithium Battery Pack =  Details
1 X Single Dock Charger = Details
(Optional) 1 X Mains Power Supply Driver Module = Details
(Alternative) Complete TL-200 Fleet Kit X 5 Towers = Details >

Click here to download a PDF with full details about this product.


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