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Power-2Go 1000 Portable Power Station / Solar Generator

Power-2Go 1000 Portable Power Station / Solar Generator

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Power-2Go 1000 Portable Power Station: Your Reliable Power Solution for Every Adventure!

Experience the ultimate power solution with the Power-2Go 1000 Portable Power Station and Solar Generator. Featuring lightning-fast recharge capabilities, advanced safety features, and versatile output options, this portable powerhouse ensures uninterrupted power for all your adventures. Whether you're camping off-grid, preparing for emergencies, or simply need reliable backup power, the Power-2Go 1000 delivers.


Why Choose Power2Go 1000 as Your Next Portable Power Station


Real Fast Charge: Utilising Maxi-Charge Technology, recharge your power station from 0% to 100% in just 1.5 hours, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum adventure time.

Sine Wave AC Output: Enjoy clean, stable electricity with a THD rate below 1.5%, protecting your sensitive devices and ensuring smooth operation.

SmartDrive Technology: Delivering 1000W nominal AC output with the capability to handle surges of up to 1200W, SmartDrive technology guarantees safe and efficient power delivery for all your devices.

Multiple BMS Protections: The Power-2Go 1000 stands out as the top choice in its class, offering multiple BMS protections. With its Dual-core processor, the generator delivers powerful computing capabilities for efficient multitasking while providing redundant protection.

LiFePO4 Battery Cells: Utilising a durable LiFePO4 battery with a long lifespan, the Power-2Go 1000 retains 80% of its usable capacity even after 2000 cycles, ensuring reliable backup power during home power outages.

MPPT Efficiency Over 99.9%: Designed with Enhanced Dynamic MPPT algorithm, the Power-2Go 1000 achieves over 99.9% MPPT efficiency, ensuring reliable home backup power whenever you need it most.

Uninterruptible Power Supply: Equipped with a UPS function that switches as a backup power source within 10 milliseconds once placed between the loads and the grid, the Power-2Go 1000 ensures uninterrupted power during outages, keeping your devices charged and your life running smoothly.

Versatile Output: Featuring 11 output ports across 6 types, including wireless charging, the Power-2Go 1000 lets you charge multiple devices simultaneously, so you can stay connected wherever you go.

Multifunctional Lighting: With integrated multifunctional lighting featuring three modes: strong light, weak light, and SOS rescue signal flash, the Power-2Go 1000 ensures you're always prepared for whatever comes your way.


Three Rapid Charging Methods for Your Portable Power Station:


Wall Charging - Lightning-Fast Recharge: Restore your Power2-Go 1000 from 0% to 100% in a mere 1.5 hours with the wall cable provided.

Solar Charging - Solar-Powered Efficiency: Seamlessly integrates with solar panels for eco-friendly charging, boasting over 99.9% efficiency with built-in MPPT technology.

Car Charging - On-the-Move Energy: Effortlessly recharge your Power2-Go 600 in just 5.6 hours using your car's charging port, ensuring continuous power wherever your journey takes you.


Power2Go 1000 Portable Power Station Tech Specs:



Cell Type = LiFePO4
Battery Capacity (Wh) = 1008
Battery Input Nominal Voltage (V) = 22.4
Battery Input Voltage Range(V) = 18.2~26
Nominal Charging current (A) = 36
Nominal Discharging current (A) = 45
Max Discharging current (A) = 45
Life Cycles (@2S"C, lC Discharge) = 2000+


AC Charging Power (W) = 800
Nominal Voltage (Vac) = 110Vac 110 | 230Vac 230
Voltage Range (V) = 110Vac 90~140 | 230Vac 180~270
Nominal Frequency (Hz) = 110Vac 60 | 230Vac 50
Frequency Range (Hz) = 110Vac 55~65 | 230Vac 45~55
Power Factor (@max. Charging Power) = > 0,99


Max Car Charging Input Power (W) = 120
Max Solar Charging Input Power (W) = 200
DC Input Voltage Range (V) = 10- 30
Max DC/PV Input current (A) = 10


Nominal AC Power (W) = 1000
Surge Power (W) = 2000
Nominal Grid Voltage (Vac) = 110Vac 110 | 230Vac 230
Nominal Grid Frequency (Hz) = 110Vac 60 | 230Vac 50
Max. AC current (A) = 110Vac 12.5 | 230Vac 6.5
Nominal AC Current (A) = 110Vac 9 | 230Vac 4.3
THDv at Nominal Power(%) = <1.5


USB-A{xl) = 12W, 5V, 2.4A
QC3.0 (x2) = 18W Max per port, 5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / l.5A
USB"TypeC (x2) = l00W Max per port, SV, 9V, 12V: 3A; 20V:SA
Car Port and DC Port Totally Max Output = 132W
Car Port (xl) = 132W, 13.2V, lOA
DC Port (x2) = 132W Max per port, 13.2V, l0A
Wireless Charger (W) = 10


Battery to AC Max (%) = 110Vac 92.5 | 230Vac 93.0
AC to Battery Max (%) = 92
Protection = AC output over current; AC output short circuit; AC charging over current;
AC output over/under voltage; AC output over/under frequency; inverter over temperature; AC charging over/under voltage; Battery temperature high/low; Battery over/under voltage.


Dimensions (W/H/D) (mm) = 348"264"192
Weight (Kg) = 11.1
LCD(mm) = 82*48
Cooling Concept = Forced Air Cooling
Operation Temperature Range (°C) = 0~40°C (Charging) , -15~40°C (Discharging )
Operation Relative Humidity [RH(%)] = 0-95%, Non Condensation
Ingress Protection = 1P20
Noise (DB) = < 65
Communication Interface = WiFi
LED Light (W) = 3W

PLEASE NOTE: The connectors for this particular unit are specific for the UK market.

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