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Power-2Go 2000Pro Portable Power Station / Solar Generator

Power-2Go 2000Pro Portable Power Station / Solar Generator

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Power-2Go 2000Pro Portable Power Station: Your Ultimate Power Solution for Every Adventure!

Discover unparalleled power with the Power-2Go 2000Pro Portable Power Station and Solar Generator. With rapid recharge capabilities, advanced safety features, and versatile outputs, this portable powerhouse ensures uninterrupted power for all your adventures. Whether you're off-grid camping, preparing for emergencies, or seeking reliable backup power, the Power-2Go 2000Pro delivers.


Why Choose Power2Go 2000Pro as Your Next Portable Power Station


Real Fast Charge: With Maxi-Charge Technology, recharge from 0% to 100% in just 1.8 hours, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum adventure time.

Sine Wave AC Output: Experience clean, stable electricity with a THD rate below 1.5%, safeguarding your sensitive devices and ensuring smooth operation.

SmartDrive Technology: Delivering 1000W nominal AC output and handling surges of up to 4000W, SmartDrive technology ensures safe and efficient power delivery for all your devices.

Multiple BMS Protections: The Power-2Go 2000Pro stands out with multiple BMS protections and a Dual-core processor, providing powerful computing capabilities for multitasking and redundant protection.

LiFePO4 Battery Cells: Featuring a durable LiFePO4 battery with a long lifespan, the Power-2Go 2000Pro retains 80% of its capacity even after 2000 cycles, ensuring reliable backup power during home outages.

MPPT Efficiency Over 99.9%: Designed with Enhanced Dynamic MPPT algorithm, the Power-2Go 2000Pro achieves over 99.9% MPPT efficiency, ensuring reliable home backup power whenever needed.

Uninterruptible Power Supply: Equipped with a UPS function, the Power-2Go 2000Pro switches as a backup power source within 10 milliseconds during outages, keeping your devices charged and life running smoothly.

Versatile Output: With 13 output ports across 6 types, including wireless charging, charge multiple devices simultaneously to stay connected wherever you go.

Multifunctional Lighting: Integrated multifunctional lighting with three modes ensures you're always prepared for whatever comes your way.


Three Rapid Charging Methods for Your Portable Power Station:


Wall Charging - Lightning-Fast Recharge: Restore your Power2-Go 2000Pro from 0% to 100% in a mere 1.8 hours with the wall cable provided.

Solar Charging - Solar-Powered Efficiency: Seamlessly integrates with solar panels for eco-friendly charging, boasting over 99.9% efficiency with built-in MPPT technology.

Car Charging - On-the-Move Energy: Effortlessly recharge your Power2-Go 2000Pro in just 5.6 hours using your car's charging port, ensuring continuous power wherever your journey takes you.


Power2Go 2000Pro Portable Power Station Tech Specs:



Cell Type = LiFePO4
Battery Capacity (Wh) = 1920
Battery Input Nominal Voltage (V) = 48
Battery Input Voltage Range(V) = 40~60
Nominal Charging current (A) = 25
Nominal Discharging current (A) = 45
Max Discharging current (A) = 45
Life Cycles (@2S"C, lC Discharge) = 2000+


AC Charging Power (W) = 1500
Nominal Voltage (Vac) = 110Vac 110 | 230Vac 230
Voltage Range (V) = 110Vac 90~140 | 230Vac 180~270
Nominal Frequency (Hz) = 110Vac 60 | 230Vac 50
Frequency Range (Hz) = 110Vac 55~65 | 230Vac 45~55
Power Factor (@max. Charging Power) = > 0,99


Max Car Charging Input Power (W) = 120
Max Solar Charging Input Power (W) = 500
DC Input Voltage Range (V) = 10~50
Max DC/PV Input current (A) = 11


Nominal AC Power (W) = 2000
Surge Power (W) = 4000
Nominal Grid Voltage (Vac) = 110Vac 110 | 230Vac 230
Nominal Grid Frequency (Hz) = 110Vac 60 | 230Vac 50
Max. AC current (A) = 110Vac 22 | 230Vac 12
Nominal AC Current (A) = 110Vac 18 | 230Vac 9
THDv at Nominal Power(%) = <1.5


USB-A{xl) = 12W, 5V, 2.4A
QC3.0 (x2) = 18W Max per port, 5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / l.5A
USB"TypeC (x2) = l00W Max per port, 5V, 9V, 12V: 3A; 20V:5A
Car Port and DC Port Totally Max Output = 132W
Car Port (xl) = 132W, 13.2V, l0A
DC Port (x2) = 132W Max per port, 13.2V, l0A
Wireless Charger (W) = 10


Battery to AC Max (%) = 110Vac 92 | 230Vac 93.0
AC to Battery Max (%) = 93
Protection = AC output over current; AC output short circuit; AC charging over current; AC output over/under voltage; AC output over/under frequency; inverter over temperature; AC charging over/under voltage; Battery temperature high/low; Battery over/under voltage.


Dimensions (W/H/D) (mm) = 355"347"226
Weight (Kg) = 20.5
LCD(mm) = 97*48
Cooling Concept = Forced Air Cooling
Operation Temperature Range (°C) = 0~40°C (Charging), -15~40°C (Discharging )
Operation Relative Humidity [RH(%)] = 0-95%, Non Condensation
Ingress Protection = 1P20
Noise (DB) = < 65
Communication Interface = WiFi
LED Light (W) = 3W

PLEASE NOTE: The connectors for this particular unit are specific for the UK market.

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