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Power-2Go EnergyStore 4000 Portable All-in-one Solar Energy Storage Solution

Power-2Go EnergyStore 4000 Portable All-in-one Solar Energy Storage Solution

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Power-2Go EnergyStore 4000: Your All-In-One Portable Solar Power Solution

Designed for modern energy needs, this compact powerhouse delivers seamless power generation and storage wherever you go. With rugged wheels and a hybrid design, it ensures reliability in any situation. Say hello to limitless energy freedom and embrace sustainability with the EnergyStore 4000.

Why Choose the Power-2Go EnergyStore 4000 for Your Energy Storage Needs?


Embrace the Future of Energy Storage: Power-2Go EnergyStore 4000 leads the way in energy innovation, combining residential solar energy storage and a portable power station in one revolutionary solution.

Efficient Space Utilisation: With its hybrid inverter and LiFePO4 battery, the EnergyStore 4000 offers a compact energy storage solution. Perfect for those with limited space, it simplifies installation, saving time and money.

Seamless Power Delivery: SmartDrive Technology ensures smooth power delivery, with 1000W nominal AC output and the ability to handle up to 1200W surges. No compromise on performance, even during high-demand periods.

Portability Redefined: Featuring rugged wheels and a telescopic handle, the EnergyStore 4000 is designed for easy transportation. Move effortlessly between indoor and outdoor spaces to meet your power needs.

Reliable Hybrid Operation: Equipped with a robust hybrid inverter, the EnergyStore 4000 supports both on-grid and off-grid operation. Experience uninterrupted power, seamlessly switching during power outages.

Rapid Recharge Capability: Thanks to Maxi-Charge Technology, the EnergyStore 4000 recharges quickly, reaching 70% capacity in just 1 hour and full capacity in approximately 1.5 hours.

Pure Sine Wave Power: Enjoy efficient and safe operation with pure sine wave power output, maintaining a THD rate below 1.5%. Extend the lifespan of your appliances while reducing the risk of damage.

Optimised Solar Efficiency: Benefit from built-in MPPT technology, ensuring maximum solar panel efficiency of over 99.9%. Adaptation to environmental conditions ensures consistent and efficient solar energy utilisation.

Future-Proof Expandability: With a modular design, the EnergyStore 4000 allows for easy expansion up to 20kWh as energy requirements grow. Separate components facilitate transportation, installation, and future battery recycling.

Versatile Compatibility: Supporting diverse solar inputs, the EnergyStore 4000 accommodates both rooftop and portable photovoltaic panels. Its wide input range and high-power handling make it suitable for various solar panel setups.

Adaptable Output Ports: Featuring 6 output ports across 4 types, the EnergyStore 4000 caters to a range of power needs, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and household use alike.

Robust Durability: Built to withstand diverse environments, the EnergyStore 4000 boasts an IP54 water and dust resistance rating, ensuring reliable performance both indoors and outdoors.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Stay connected and in control with Wi-Fi-enabled remote monitoring and software upgrades via a smartphone app, providing real-time system monitoring and convenient operation from anywhere.

Power-2Go EnergyStore 4000 Tech Specs:


Cell Type = LiFePO4
Battery Capacity (Wh) = 5120
Battery Input Nominal Voltage (V) = 51.2
Battery Input Voltage Range(V) = 40~60
Nominal Charging current (A) = 110Vac 50 | 230Vac 65
Nominal Discharging current (A) = 110Vac 80 | 230Vac 90
Max Discharging current (A) = 100
Life Cycles (@2S"C, lC Discharge) = 4000


AC Charging Power (W) = 110Vac 2800 | 230Vac 3600
Nominal Voltage (Vac) = 110Vac 110 | 230Vac 230
Voltage Range (V) = 110Vac 90~140 | 230Vac 180~270
Nominal Frequency (Hz) = 110Vac 60 | 230Vac 50
Frequency Range (Hz) = 110Vac 55~65 | 230Vac 45~55
Power Factor (@max. Charging Power) = > 0.99


Max Car Charging Input Power (W) = 120
Max Solar Charging Input Power (W) = 600
DC Input Voltage Range (V) = 10~50
Max DC/PV Input current (A) = 16


Max Solar Charging Input Power (W) = 110Vac 2500 | 230Vac 3000
DC Input Voltage Range (V) = 110Vac 55~260 | 230Vac 45~450
Max DC/PV Input current (A) = 16


Nominal AC Power (W) = 110Vac 3300 | 230Vac 4000
Surge Power (W) = 110Vac 6600 | 230Vac 8000
Nominal Grid Voltage (Vac) = 110Vac 110/110/120 | 230Vac 220/230/240
Nominal Grid Frequency (Hz) = 110Vac 60 | 230Vac 50
Max. AC current (A) = 110Vac 34 | 230Vac 21
Nominal AC Current (A) = 110Vac 30 | 230Vac 17.5
THDv at Nominal Power(%) = <1.5


USB-A{xl) = 12W, 5V, 2.4A
USB "TypeC1 = 45W, 5V, 9V,12V, 15V: 3A; 20V:2.25A
USB"TypeC2 = 100W, 5V, 9V,12V, 15V: 3A; 20V:5A 
Car Port (xl) = 132W, 13.2V, l0A


Battery to AC Max (%) = 110Vac 92 | 230Vac 93.0
AC to Battery Max (%) = 110Vac 92 | 230Vac 93.0
PV to AC Max (%) = 110Vac 96 | 230Vac 97.0
PV to Battery Max (%) = 110Vac 94 | 230Vac 95.0


AC output over current; AC output short circuit; AC charging over current; AC output over/under voltage; AC output over/under frequency; inverter over temperature; AC charging over/under voltage; Battery temperature high/low; Battery over/under voltage


Dimensions (W/H/D) (mm) = 510* 730* 235; (Battery 510* 405* 203; Invertor; 510* 325* 235)
Weight (Kg) = 50kg (Battery: 40kg; Inverter: 10kg)
LCD(mm) = 97*48
Cooling Concept = Smart Fan Cooling
Operation Temperature Range (°C) = 0~45°C (Charging), -20~55°C (Discharging)
Operation Relative Humidity [RH(%)] = 0-95%, Non Condensation
Ingress Protection = 1P54
Noise (DB) = < 40
Communication Interface = WiFi / Bluetooth (optional)

PLEASE NOTE: The connectors for this particular unit are specific for the UK market.

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