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TL-400 Dual Head Portable LED Work Light Kit

TL-400 Dual Head Portable LED Work Light Kit

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Illuminate Your Workspace with the TL-400 Dual Head Portable LED Work Light Tower Kit

Experience unmatched illumination with the TL-400 Dual Head Portable LED work light - complete kit, your ultimate work light solution for versatile and reliable lighting in any environment. This LED work light is meticulously designed to provide superior illumination coverage, long-lasting battery life, and exceptional convenience for various applications, from emergency infrastructure to construction sites.


Why Choose The TL-400 As Your Next Lighting Kit


Speedy Deployment: The TL-400 LED lighting tower features a single-latch tripod release mechanism, enabling quick setup and folding in mere seconds. Say goodbye to time-consuming assembly processes and hello to instant illumination.

Adjustable Lighting Distribution: Equipped with a self-locking pole, the TL-400 allows for 360°+ adjustable lighting distribution, ensuring optimal illumination coverage for your workspace. Whether you need lighting overhead, at ground level, or in-between, this tower delivers flexibility and precision.

Long Battery Life: With up to 20+ hours of standard mode operation, the TL-400 provides extended lighting duration to support uninterrupted work sessions. Say farewell to frequent battery changes and hello to uninterrupted productivity, even in the most demanding environments.

Versatile Brightness Settings: Tailor the brightness to your specific needs with the TL-400's stepless dimmable control. From low-light tasks to high-intensity operations, this feature allows for seamless adjustment, ensuring optimal visibility and comfort.

Weatherproof Design: With an IP66 weatherproof rating, the TL-400 is built to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions, ensuring reliable performance in rain, wind, or dust.

Durable and Versatile: Weighing only 10kg, the TL-400 is a portable lighting tower designed for larger work sites. Its durable construction and IP66 protection rating make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, providing excellent illumination with its maximum 17,000 lumen light output. The 2.2 meter mast height and dual LED heads ensure lighting coverage over a wide area.

One-Person Operation: Designed with dual handles, the TL-400 enables easy transport and adjustment by a single operator. Whether you're moving from one location to another or adjusting the lighting angle, this tower offers convenience and efficiency without the need for additional manpower.

Optional Accessories: Enhance the functionality and convenience of your lighting setup with optional accessories, including a rapid charger and additional lighting options. Customize your kit to meet the unique demands of your workspace and maximize productivity.


A new standard for portable illumination


The TL-400 Dual Head Portable Lighting Tower Kit offers unparalleled performance, durability, and convenience. Whether you're working on emergency infrastructure, conducting maintenance tasks, or engaging in construction activities, this kit ensures you have the light you need to excel in any environment. Elevate your workspace with the TL-400 and experience illumination redefined.


Height: 0.65-2.2m
Net Weight: 10.1Kg*
Battery: D24-100 × 3  |  D24-500 × 1
AC Power: X1-75-56BH Driver x 1 - 17000lm
Turbo Mode: 10h | 15h - 10000lm
Standard Mode: 20h | 30h - 6300lm
Balanced Mode: 40h | 60h - 3800lm
ECO Mode: 100h | 150h - 1800lm


This kit consists of:

1 x TL-400 Dual Head Portable Lighting Tower = Details
1 x MC-2 Dual Bay Lithium Battery Pack Charger = Details
4 x D24-100 Lithium Battery Pack 98Wh = Details

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