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TL-500-4.2 Portable Rechargeable LED Work Light Tower, 1.2-4.2m - Bare Unit

TL-500-4.2 Portable Rechargeable LED Work Light Tower, 1.2-4.2m - Bare Unit


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Illuminate your largest work sites with unmatched brilliance using the TL-500-4.2 portable LED lighting tower.

Designed with engineers and maintenance crews in mind, this powerhouse unit delivers unparalleled lighting capabilities, versatility, and durability, setting a new standard for portable illumination.


Why Choose The TL-500-4.2 for Your Lighting Needs


Rapid Deployment: Experience lightning-fast setup with the TL-500-4.2's single-person rapid deployment feature. Whether indoors or out, this tower is ready to shine in moments, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Adaptable to All Terrains: Equipped with triple wheels and multi-level self-locking support legs, the TL-500-4.2 adapts effortlessly to any terrain. Say goodbye to uneven surfaces hindering your work—this lighting tower stands firm wherever you need it.

Weatherproof and Wind Resistant: With an IP65 weatherproof rating and wind resistance level of 8, the TL-500-4.2 defies the elements. Rain or shine, wind or storm, count on this tower to deliver consistent, reliable lighting performance.

Versatile Power Options: Whether powered by lithium batteries or mains power, the TL-500-4.2 is ready for action on all sites. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the power source that suits your needs, ensuring uninterrupted operation in any situation.

Fully Adjustable Lighting: Rotate the head and adjust the beam angle to illuminate your workspace exactly as needed. With unidirectional multi-point and 360° adjustable coverage lighting, the TL-500-4.2 ensures no corner is left in the dark.

Integrated Dual-Axis Leveling System: Easily find the balance point with the integrated dual-axis levelling system, ensuring stability and precision in positioning.

Convenient and Comfortable Control: Navigate effortlessly through lighting settings with the handheld controller, featuring a spring-coiled wire for comfortable, convenient operation.

Optimised Storage and Charging: Benefit from multifunctional storage space and multiple interface charging slots, keeping your equipment organised and powered up for extended work sessions.

Enhanced Compatibility: Special slots compatible with small warning lights offer added safety features, making the TL-500-4.2 an indispensable asset on any work site.


TL-500-4.2 Portable Rechargeable LED Work Light Tower Technical Specifications


Dimensions: Closed H-1200mm / Open H-4200mm x W-600mm x D-540mm

Height: 1.23-4.2m
Net Weight: 51Kg*
Battery: D24-500 × 3 
AC Power: P2G-X5-320 x 1 - 62000lm
Turbo Mode: 10h - 33000lm
Standard Mode: 18h - 17000lm
Balanced Mode: 39h - 9500lm
ECO Mode: 114h - 2800lm


This product is a bare unit only and requires a combination of the following extra components.

Up to 3 X D24-500 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack =  Details
1 X Dual Bay Lithium Battery Pack Charger =Details
1 X 3 Bay Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Charging Case with 3 D24-500 batteries
(Optional) 1 X Mains Power Supply Driver Module (X5-320 Driver)


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